Headteacher, Morden Mount School

I wanted to write and say how much our year 4 class have enjoyed the philosophy sessions you have been running for them. …. Speaking and listening are especially important parts of our literacy curriculum – Philosophy gave our pupils the opportunity to develop these skills in a sustained manner. Pupils also had to engage in thinking and reasoning which are key skills in the National Curriculum. I was interested to see how pupils needed to be resilient and confident in defending their point of view and how others learnt to challenge without being aggressive. Philosophy could be applied to many curriculum areas. I was delighted to have the opportunity to observe a session and was truly surprised by the quality of interactions and questioning among my pupils. Thank you for giving Morden Mount pupils the opportunity to experience Philosophy.

Recent Praise
  • The Blooming Minds Handbook is an invaluable resource and used by both Year 4 teachers as a ‘bible’ in running sessions. The lesson plans are really well designed and the breakdown into stages of the lesson is very helpful. [Year 4 class teacher]


    The Blooming Minds Handbook for Teachers
  • My Year 5 class have been lucky enough to participate in Philosophy sessions with Kath for the past 5 weeks. Many children in my class have trouble maintaining friendships and there are often arguments and unhealthy gossip. There are also several children who display particularly difficult behaviour. Since the children have taken part in the Philosophy sessions, there has been a visible improvement in their attitude and outlook on their own behaviour. The sessions have had a significant impact on the way the children think and I often have conversations with them during the week in which they reflect back to the session. I often hear the phrase, “That’s like in Philosophy when Kath said…” or “It’s like we learned in Philosophy, we shouldn’t let our emotions push us to make bad decisions”. The phrases “I agree” and “I disagree” are now used regularly in the classroom, and the children readily speak about making decisions and using justification. I cannot begin to explain how pleasing it is for me, as their class teacher, to hear them reflecting in this way and using what they have learnt in the session to think about and improve their own skills and behaviour. Simply wonderful. [Y5 class teacher]

    Improving behaviour and reflective thinking